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Art for Sale

I am textile artist at heart and love to create and include in my work, pieces from nature. Often you'll find a fringe made out of small twigs or a painted branch or seeds or feathers strung across a painting. It honors Mother Nature and reminds us of the natural gifts around us.
My style is most often abstract with layered papers, fibers , fabrics on canvas.
Colors have a song all their own. And cultural designs of rhythm play a big part in my pieces. Most are acrylics as a foundation with strong textures.
Enjoy originals or prints.

Spirit Paintings

This is a commissioned visual piece based on an intuitive reading.
I usually take a hand print of my client to begin. Our personal energy remains with it and I can use this as I create this kind of painting/ art piece. This works for those that can sit with me as I create the print or those that live a distance away as they can send it to me through the mail. Final pieces can be two or three dimensional.
They can easily represent you or a loved one or even a pet. Consider also that if a loved one has passed, a significant piece of theirs , jewelry, keys, etc. can be used as in psychometry to create a Spirit painting. Mind you, I am not a portrait artist so I create from a feeling of emotion that comes from the piece or handprint.

Spiritual Readings

can be done in person or by phone.
As a Reiki Master and all around alternative practitioner, as I began this work, my inner vision began to open. In a Reiki session for instance, symbols, people ( here and passed) often come through or different parts of the body brought forth a symptom which is also connected to our emotional system. So the process opens up in many different ways. You never know what or who will come through.
The readings begin with a prayer and I often take ahold of your hands ( or a print) but it's not necessary. Images and messages are sent from ' the powers that be', the Universe, or whatever you choose to call them.
Come with a question on your heart and see what happens!

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Masters-(Page 2-#1).jpg
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
3greenstripes X.jpg
Laurs's S.P..jpg
Monica's S.P..jpg
Joelle's SP.jpg
S.P. for my friend.jpg

Henna Body Art

I will be at The Manor of Metaphysical Intuitive in Baldwinsville offering Henna Body Art at our Seasonal Equinox Celebration, September 28th.
Designs will begin at $25 but can be more elaborate as cost goes up.
There will be a choice of designs to choose from or I can intuitively create a design from your personal energy.
Bring a friend and come on in to experience all that we offer!

Henna art.jpg
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