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Peaceful Places

with Suzanne Masters



Faster EFT


FasterEFT or Emotional Freedom Technique- initial Session, $110/1&1/2 hrs

$75/ hr after. Let's work on your Peace List


This easy to learn 'tapping' session releases old traumas, all stresses, fear ,anger, guilt, loss, phobias, ect. And can work on physical pains as well as emotional hurts. Try it on everything..even weight loss or relationship issues.

Are you ready to heal those old wounds inside? Imagine what it might feel like to be a healthier, happier you! 


FasterEFT. Sessions- Individual...Group...or online sessions

Yoga With Suzanne

Yoga is more than just physical movement & also effects us emotionally, mentally and Spiritually. Meditation is a big part of yoga as is Relaxation. The yoga practice brings about health,an inner harmony and self discovery. 

My teacher says, 'You can't do yoga and not change'! He speaks the truth!

Suzanne is a 200 hr Certified 'Infinite Light Yoga' Teacher. She teaches experiential classes for beginners as well as experienced yogis. 

Personal One on One Sessions are also available. 

Contact Suzanne for  more information.

Classes are 1 hour and inc. meditation, warm ups, asana flow & relaxation.(slow paced & experiential)

Drop In-$15

8 weeks/ $96 ($12 per)

One on One-$60/hr.

Yoga With Suzanne

Healing Through ART

Often when words don't come easy, Art is the perfect creative path to express what we're feeling. And so much can be healed through this process. Beginning with strokes of color and movement on paper.....a story begins.

Suzanne is a textile artist from Syr.Uni. and long time art teacher to children and adults, including special needs and head trauma (TBI) students. Combining  our intuitive guidance, an open mind and a trusting step forward can bring great rewards & unveil hidden parts of us we didn't  know existed.

Suzanne creates workshops for individuals or groups using therapeutic Art as an alternative tool for healing on all levels. Sessions may include painting, collage, writing,tapping and more,depending on our topic. 

Schedule your Session, watch for events and call Suzanne to host at your Wellness event!

Classes $$

Workshops $$$



Suzanne Masters is an Alternative practitioner offering sessions in :

  • FasterEFT for Stress Relief of all kinds

  • Healing through Art using the voice of color & shape

  • Creating a more peaceful life through the experience of Yoga

'Whatever your approach, I believe the answers are already within us. When the time is right and allowing comes easier, those things you need to move fwd in life just appear.
Take the first step toward opening your heart and the love rushes in!

Contact Suzanne for your individual sessions or hire her to offer group sessions for your practice. Also watch for events up & coming!
(She can be reached at 315 263 1541 or below with your contact info)




Henna Art with Suzanne

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Artist & Art Teacher

Experiential Art Classes are available for  one on one sessions and for group classes.

Also contact Suzanne for her September Art Workshop on the beach.'Painting your Way Home' combines guided meditation,meridian point tapping,color work (inc. chakra work), affirmations & more. Space is very limited so sign up ahead. $165 inc. all materials ($75 due at sign up) plan on a full day.

Contact Suzanne for questions at 315 263 1541


Spirit Paintings for individuals, like a visual Intuitive Reading based on your personal energy.

henna hands with Rosemary.jpg

Join me for Readings & Henna Body Art at the Solstice Celebration!

You can also sign up for Reiki, (sessions & classes), FasterEFT sessions for stress release of all kinds AND an up & coming all day workshop "Painting Your Way Home' with Suzanne at the Manor.

Psychic Fair at The Manor

FIND ME at the Psychic Fair at The Manor in Baldwinsville

coming up soon. I'll be offering Readings!

Sign up now or at the show 315 263 1541


Holistic Market and Psychic Fair at The Manor

Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 10 AM – 3 PM


Suzanne also offers her ART for sale, Henna designs, (intuitively created), Spirit Paintings (a visual piece based on an intuitive reading) and of course personal readings. Readings can be done in person or by phone.

Please contact Suzanne directly to set up an appointment or for further information and cost. For more information, click here.


Suzanne has moved to The Manor for Holistic Health 7275 State Fair Blvd in


Call to schedule a Henna body art design for yourself or a friend beginning in Spring and throughout the summer months. 315 263 1541
Ill be offering Henna Body Art & Readings!!!!!




These are all anonymous per practitioner/client ethics


From Reiki & FasterEFT(tapping) Session:

Loved the session! Reiki was wonderful and the tapping(FasterEFT) added to the release.Would definitely do this again and I recommend it! 

Tapping sessions:

...felt like we got to the root of my fears...lifted from my anxiety.

I feel free & refreshed!

I felt the most amazing release of things I was holding onto. I feel light and happier than I have in a long time.

I feel calm and light as a feather, letting go of energy that no longer serves me.

I feel full of light. My body feels lighter and I am connected to my whole self, releasing pain that I thought would never release.


From Yoga Classes:

Ann Woody It is becoming a needed and wonderful part of my week.....thank you!



For any inquiries or questions  please call:

315 263 1541 or fill out the following form

Also online payments are easy & safe through PayPal



I am always looking for new places to teach, floor yoga & chair yoga for seniors. Contact me if you have a space!

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